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As we near the end of winter, we can start hoping for more comfortable temperatures that will help us forget about the current sub-zero temps, ice and accumulating snowfall.

Many states have held their state conventions by now and have recognized outstanding individuals for their amazing accomplishments. Congratulations to everyone!
Holstein USA set a new record for the number of registrations and basic ID’s; the old record went back to 2016. Holstein enthusiasm is alive and well! The “State of the Association” report were first shared with the Holstein membership at the Iowa state meeting in February. The entire report can be viewed on the Holstein USA website. It is divided into several segments that can be viewed at your own time and leisure.

Holstein USA was the subject of a documentary that aired on RFD-TV. “Holstein America: A Tribute to the National Dairy Farmers” was shown several different times in February. Dairy farmers across the country proved to be excellent spokesmen for the dairy industry and for Holstein USA in particular. A common theme was how Holstein USA was a contributing factor in their successful enterprises. It spoke of the hard work and dedication of their families in continuing to the improve the image and genetics of the Holstein cow. You can view this documentary on the Holstein USA website.
Holstein Foundation recently graduated 51 from the YDLI Class 10. We encourage all young dairy famers to consider being part of this educational opportunity. Applications for Class 11 are due on August 1, 2018.

The Judges Conference will be held in Madison, WI, on April 26th as part of the Spring Show. Attendance is required once every five years for everyone who wishes to be on the National or Qualified Judge List. After attending the conference, one must complete an application due to Holstein USA in August 2018. The 2019 Judging Conference ill be held in Columbus, Ohio.

As your national directors, we have all enjoyed visiting with you as you meet with fellow dairy farmers, family, and business associates. Hope to see many of you at the 2018 National Holstein Convention to be held in Michigan June 29th – July 3rd.

As always, feel free to contact us with your concerns or new ideas for improving Holstein USA.

Paul, Mark, Dale, Boyd, and Corey


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